Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Opening The Psychic Doors

Oh my gosh…so much has been happening. I just can’t believe how fast my gifts are unfolding but today I want to talk Kathy Ensign. She offers Angel Readings and does several types of healings in person and at distance as well. At the end of August I was having a personal struggle about what path to take. I didn’t know if it was healing, mediumship or teaching. There are so many forks in this road that I didn’t know where to start. Kathy is in our Metaphysical group so I asked her to do an Angel Reading for me. I’m here to tell you, she nailed me like playhouse to a tree! She knew what I had been lacking and what direction to go. Her reading was really unbelievable and it left no doubt in my mind that I was to be a medium to help lost souls cross into the light and connect people with their loved ones. She also did a Reconnective Healing on me which was life changing.

A Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the very first time. It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are……..

This healing can be done at a distance so I lay down during the agreed time and just relaxed. I noticed that I kept seeing a flashing light in my left eye. It was really kind of strange but I thought that something must be happening but I didn’t feel anything unusual in my body. I talked to Kathy afterward and she said this was common and quite a few people had experienced the same sort of thing.

Starting right after the reading I began seeing things, flashes of light and twinkles. I had been seeing these but not nearly that often. Several days later I even saw my first full length entity. I was sitting in my office and I saw him rush by the door. Not knowing what I’d just witnessed; I looked it up online to find they were called shadow people. He was harmless and I’ve seen him four times since then.

Then a week later is when I made a direct contact with God and when he showed me what I was to do with my life. I also wrote about that in my blog here.

So anyhow, a couple of days ago Kathy did an Atlantean Healing on me. During this healing she invokes the Atlantean Healing Angels to clear your aura, clear and balance the chakras and your elements, they heal the physical body and do a psychic clearing and remove attachments that no longer serve your highest good.

I’m telling you this was an incredible experience. At first I didn’t feel a lot but as time went on, the activity in the room got busier, more lights and movement. Then my third eye opened completely up! It was almost as if I were seeing into another dimension. The colors were incredible! Yellow, blue and green and it was as if someone was pulling old hurts out of the middle of this light and carrying them off to the side. I had never experienced anything so incredible, it’s hard to describe in full.

I contacted her when she was done and she asked “Did you feel that? It was very powerful on my end”! Powerful was definitely the word. She said the healing had removed hurt, past life issues and did a lot of work on my charkas. She also told me that she saw Pegasus there and he was there to guide me and learn to fly on this journey. After our conversation I took a shower and when I stuck my head under the shower get my hair wet, I closed my eyes and I saw Pegasus there! He threw his head down as to say “Nice to meet you”!

That was Monday and today when I went to do my readings he was there. I was struggling a little bit on the first reading and he appeared. I told him to go and get me someone who wanted to speak to the person I was reading for and then the information started to flow a bit. Then a few minutes later, he showed back up and I told him again I needed more information and when he left the flood gates opened full of information. He is here to help me on this journey! I couldn’t asked for a more powerful or impressive animal to help me. I did two reading this morning and in the first one, we brought through three people and on the second reading the images and words were coming so fast I did good to keep up!

I’m sure I was ready for this path but my channels and charkras were gunked up and when Kathy came in and cleared it all out it was like using glass cleaner on a window. Everything became clearer. So if you feel like you’re almost there but need some help clearing and balancing she is the one to contact. I really believe she got the psychic doors to open up!

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